måndag 21 juli 2008

crazy past 2 days

Oh my Gosh these two last days have been crazy! Sunday we slept in after coming home late from a party on saturday night. All is "well" besides being a little drowsy. As the day went on i slept alot and still was feeling funny all over. (FYI! I did not have anything to drink at the party!) So, then i feel a sharp pain in my lower back and just couldn´t be still. Then it hits me; kidney stone! I have had several over the years and have been to many x-rays and investigations for it. Apperently my body likes to produce small kidney stones, small but still big enough to not fit through my bladder! Lovely isn´t it! So, painkillers it was. And liters of water to flush the stone (s?) out. Finally at 10 pm the pain stopped and i could go to bed.

This morning I was to open the school for the day and that would be 6 am, thank you very much! So, up i go and i am feeling ok, but still a little tired. But the sun was shining (halleluja!) and i knew that i had a short day. I come to work a bit early and the cleaning lady arrives shortly after me. We chat about everything and anything for a bit as we both start our day. Fifteen minutes later me, the cleaning lady, 4 kids and 1 parent are up on the couch squeeking. What happened, you might wonder! Well, we discovered a rat! Yes, a RAT under the sink! OH MY GOSH!!! I am terrified of mice! The janitor was called, from the couch, and arrived when we all had moved to the other side of the building! What did he do? Well, he opened the door under the sink and let the "little" rascal out! After which he said that he thought it had run outside through an open door. BAH! What a way to start a new week!

To make matters even worse my contact lenses have been torn the last 2 evenings when i have picked them out. What is the matter with universe?!

On a happier note: wow look at this!

3 kommentarer:

  1. gretchen owens21 juli 2008 22:54

    wow...you've really been through it all in only 48 hours. hope your week gets better...

    and that kitchen is beautiful...is it yours?

    oh and great picture of the contact...


  2. rats are scary, we had two living in our roof a while ago. Hope things get better this week :)

  3. Hoppas att du mår bättre nu!
    Usch vad hemskt med råttor...*ryser*
    Vilken skillnad på köket! Riktigt snyggt!