tisdag 15 juli 2008

I just ♥ to have a stack of new photos on my desk! They are just calling my name, to come and scrapbook them :) And in my best lack of character manner, i did!

I was dying to finnaly make a minibook. So i used some of the photos from our june and july to put together a little book called: no summer without... I just simply punched holes in the left corner of my photos of things i really see as my summer! Like strawberries, flowers, walks down to the lake etc. Now that I am finsihed, i will add a little list of things like english TV mysteries which i have no photos of. As the title page is a yummy flower photo i wanted it to show. I cut a piece of a page protector so that i could write a title and still show the first photo.

Then ofcourse I had to record how happy these two were to see eachother when my daughter came home from a grandma vacation! The layout didn+t really turn out the way i would have liked, but my eyes are drawn right to the photo anyway so i guess that doesn´t matter :)

This weekend we spend some time lounging in the backgarden hammock. I snapped quite a few photos of these two. When i edited the photos later that night, it just hit me. They are my life. They truly are. I am so happy to see them getting along and enjoying their time together. It makes me happy to see those photos and i smile inside :) They are quirky the pair of them. And they are always making inside jokes and pick on eachother so that the other one plays grumpy.

That is that, but i have to just show you the link to my latest creative post. It seems to be published on the wrong place!

peace out.

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  1. I soo agree w the stacks of photos! I love them too!!!
    Your mini is sooo cute and love the layouts too.
    TFS ;)