fredag 11 juli 2008

life update


yup, this is my last weekend on vacation. On monday i start working again. It feels ok i guess. But i mean vacation is still vacation, if you get my drift :) i enjoyed some of said vacation yesterday. Me and my daughter and father went into town and did some shopping and run some errands. But the weather was so so very nice and the lake was fantastic! (you all know that i live on an island right?)

cool sightings

While in town we saw this awesome cool car in a parking lot. It made me happy and i could just see myself crusing in Paris in this...ah Paris...i loved me some Paris :)

One day i was out walking the dogs and suddenly when i look down i see lots and lots of butterflies sitting like this on the ground. I have no idea as for why the did that (do you?) but it was like magic to me.


Well, the scrapbooking bit has been set on hold a little. Mostly beacuse of my other crafting projects, but i am fine with that. It will come. I really want to do something like this.

house & home

I have been on such a purge and organize frenzy this week! We cleaned out the garage to get ready for our garage sale that started monday. And we threw out so much junk that we have saved for years. And it felt so so very good! After the garage sale (which brought in a good amount of money!) I continued with cleaning the house top to toe. Now it smells and looks good again :)

to do list

Well, lets see...

. mown the lawn
. fold away laundry
. vaccum
. tidy scrap table
. make yummy dinner
. go through calender
. tidy up after the garage sale
. go out in the sun!

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  1. That index card book looks like a fun project. I didn't know you lived on an that for real?! Looks like you had a great day!!