måndag 7 april 2008

...and the winners are...

...comments # 8 and 11! I had my husband say 2 numbers between 1-13 and those are what he chose :) So congratulations to Teres and Karoline!!! Email me your adress so I can send you some goodies :) (lisa.mrs@gmail.com)

I had some time to scrap, between TV watching and almost nonstop reading of The Creative Family...

To answer your question, Nadine; the book is so good! I am just dwelling in it and making notes everywhere! Immidiatley after flipping through it, I made room for some new crafting materials in my room just for my daughter to use. I don´t have room for a whole cabinet, but there are some shelves. And I don´t have room for another table here either, but she was happy on the floor :)

More on the book later, I have to run to work! Have a wonderful monday!

2 kommentarer:

  1. å! vad skoj! jag vann! har mailat dig! :-)

  2. Jippi!!! Vad kul!:-)
    Vilken snygg LO! Gillar hela idén. Måste skriva upp den och härmas...;-)
    Och vilken härlig bild på din dotter, jag har också fixat en hörna till Maja. Jättebra!
    Nej, dax att återgå till kaoset...