lördag 5 april 2008

post # 400

400 posts! Wow, that´s a whole lot of blogging, folks! I have a new favorite thing about blogging and that is to go back and see what I posted a year ago. It totally is a flashback on how I was feeling and what was going on! Last april I seemed to be pretty creative :) Just look at this post or this where I show bits and pieces from my life right then.
Blogging has been so much fun and it has had me addicted for some while. I am so happy that people are visiting me here and say so many nice things. Thank you very much! And I am so very happy for every blogging friend I have made so far and I am looking forward to more.
So, to celebrate that + the 400 posts I am having a RAK party! Yep! Leave me a comment by sunday noon (US west coast time) and I will draw 2 lucky winners of a goodie RAK package each. Have fun!

13 kommentarer:

  1. Grattis till #400!
    Hoppas ni får en mysig helg!


  2. Yay to the 400!!
    I love reading back over my blog too!!
    Here's to the next 400 posts!

  3. Congratulations on reaching 400. I enjoy reading
    Janet McKinney

  4. Well congrats to you! I enjoy watching the creative part of your life come out on screen. Have a great weekend! - Jeremy

  5. Hi Lisa....congratulation on your 400th post....;-)) Love your blog and even more so your work and come by often...;-) Have a great weekend and hope you have better weather than we have down here in Germany...!!!

  6. congratulations - I love reading your blog :)

  7. Wow! 400! I love your scrapbook pages!

  8. tar en lott och hoppas på tur!! gillar din scrapblogg :-)

  9. Very cool blog, and very cool name!!
    xoxo Lisa

  10. WOO-Hoo!!! Congrats on 400 post! That IS a lot of bloggin'. :)

  11. Vad kul med en RAK!
    Hoppas att ni har en bra helg.
    Här är det kaos! Renovering till höger och vänster!
    Och mitt scrapbord är osynligt av alla högar, så det lär inte bli någonting scrappat i helgen iallafall...:-(
    Ha det bra!

  12. Congratulations on 400 Posts - that is fabulous!

  13. Lisa Congrats!! what a great thing, and how fun to have a continual journal here where you can look back and reflect. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the creativity you have to share, it's very inspirational! Thanks from all of us!