lördag 12 april 2008

SISter love

"I acctually envy those of you who have yet to scrap your Christmas or even Halloween pictures...I am so caught up I am litterally bored! :) I am sitting here just thinking and thinking of what to scrap. What do I want to remember right now? Any suggestions?"

This is what I posted on a SIS message board last night. I am so out of ideas, but my SISters picked me up with some lovely comments. You can read the thread here............
Are you back? Wasn´t it nice! I love that about that online community, it is an instant pick me up! The ideas that formed in my head after that chat were:

♥ a "who is your mom" scrapbook for my daughter, were I tell her about...well me :)

♥ a layout or 2 about the places were I have lived. I have moved about 17 times!!!

♥ a scrapbook about where we live now (on a small island). I thought I´d include some facts and then our favorite spots here etc.

Apart of that I have an idea for a minibook or possibly just a two-pager...i´ll let you know.

Since blogger apperently wont load any photos right now, I will leave you with the link to my flickr gallery :)

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