onsdag 23 april 2008

spring festivals and new projects

If I haven´t made it clear before, my daughter attends the school where I am a teacher. The school and kindergarden are all the same unit and therefore we have the luck to go to the same spring festivals :) Yesterday evening it was a said spring festival! We had the the awesome opportunity to have all (not every piece, i mean that every child had something there) the kids art work on display at the local gallery, which I mentioned this past summer while I was there on some exhibitions. We were all so excited! The gallery looked fantastic and the waether Gods were with us also!

Here she is infront of one of her contributions. Since the author to Pippi Longstocking would have turned 100 this past fall, they worked with her books alot.

This piece was my favorite. Our young kids made this painting, it is huge. We had the paper on the floor and then they worked in layers; paint, paint, glue, all natural materials like rose pedals, leaves and stones. Isn´t it magnificent?!

There were also music, lotteries and other fun activites at the festival and it was a huge hit as usual :)

I have some sneak peeks of a few new projects...i will show more soon!

Ps. Please take a look at this library! Can you see why I love libraries :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. totally awesome library...my friend goes there and i always tell her im super jealous of her

  2. Den gigantiska målningen var urhäftig!
    Ser fram emot att se mer av dina projekt!
    Ha en bra dag,

  3. oh, I love libraries too! I love looking a children's art as well.