fredag 25 april 2008

summer weather

We have had such nice weather the last cuple of days and yes, the summerly toes did feel the grass yesterday :)

This weekend is full with activities for us. Saturday we are attending these guys christening. I am looking forward to that! I plan on making it to a garage sale before that.
Sunday is our 6th wedding anniversary ♥ but we are celebrating with a fancy dinner this evening already. My Gosh, 6 years already!

Ok, so I finished (almost finished) the projects I was working on. First there is this minibook that I titled "right now" and the journaling begins with that frase. I have noted what i eat and dring right now, what I read and watch etc. I like how it turned out!

And this super simple minibook is highly inspired by the one Jennifer Pebbles made for the 2peas garden. I love how it is just about the photos.

Have a wonderful friday!

2 kommentarer:

  1. The journals are sweet :) and I esp love the flower picture! I'm so in need of spring. It is snowing right now. yuk!

  2. congratulations on 6 years together. I love the journals :)