söndag 17 februari 2008

week in photos

Monday: Me in the elevator at the dr´s office. New paper saying I can work half time and some new drugs :) No, really I am feeling so so very much better now that I can look back on almost a year filled with depression and anxiety.

Tuesday: Really feeling spring in the air. Town with my father and went second hand shopping, which is a blast with him. Did find a few things.

Thursday: V-day and my husband acctually suprised me with buying me flowers and this sweet yummy thing! ♥ I also went to a friend and had a nice time chatting and me sniffing small babies :)

Friday: Ah, the sun was so nice today and I just can´t belive how much it feels like spring already.


With the kids in the park, twin baby neices in the stroller, 2.5 year old nephew and my 8.5 year old girl and I loved every second! Beactrice, one of the twins, didn´t however think that food came remotely fast enough! :) Óh, and it wasn´t that cold really, but the ice was so cool on the cliff.

Sunday: Managed to take this on our way to the train station throught the tram window :) I love grafitti! Ok, not on my house, but if it is legal and in the right place I see it is art.

I know I know, wednsday is missing and I can´t recall what I did on that day...hm...
Anyway, my week has been filled with more house re-building (!) and all these yummy CHA sneek peaks! I love seeing all the new things that we are able to play with further on this season. Some of my faves are:

These scalloped minibooks.

Making Memories Travel Plans is yummy! All of it!

Jenni Bowlin makes wonderful stuff too!

Ok, time for a goodnight story and then a shower!


5 kommentarer:

  1. That heart shaped piece of yummy goodness looks delicious! I hope it was as delightful to eat as it looks.

  2. Lisa, so glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you had a wonderful week! Sure wish we had a little spring here .. would you send some my way? :)
    As always love to see you pics, I'm sure you will have a layout for us soon to goggle over. Enjoy the sun :)

  3. Lovin' those shoes and I'm jealous of your sunshine!

  4. Åhhh! Sååå mycket snyggt! Vill ha allt från det 1a företaget, vad det nu hette. Allt var ju helt fantastiskt.
    Gillar din vecko "resume", det kan nog dyka upp på min blogg också...;-)
    Nu ska jag gå ut i solen igen!
    Ha det bra!

  5. Hi Lisa,

    I am in "that place" off and on to; I hate to be depressed, when I can't be the mom I want to be, when I only want to hide under my blanket, but he... then there's always a sunbeam behind the dark clouds and all is well again!
    Wish you a very good time on your birthdaytrip and I love your pictures... as usual.

    XOXO Inge