onsdag 13 februari 2008

ok new things

1. I decided to do a radical thing and deleted a whole set of photos in my flickr gallery! I don´t have a PRO account and I am having a tricky time to fit all my daily photos in there.

2. I created a new blog to post them instead! I have put a link to it in the sidebar, but here it is too! Feel free to make any comments over there too!

3. I have cleaned my desk and scrap area to the extent that I am afraid to start a new project :)

4. I changed the colors here on the blog. I like it. It is cheerful to me.

5. An other thing that is cheerful to me is spring. It so felt like spring today; the sun shined and the birds where singing. I put on my spring shoes and even found a snow drop outside in my garden. I looked over in the flowerbed and saw that the tulips are coming up too. Have I said it before? Damn global warming!

6. I can´t belive that I will be in Amsterdam and Paris in just a week! I am most looking forward to seeing J and hanging out with him. It is always a blast! I am reading up on the exhibitions at the Louvre, cool sightings in Amsterdam and other things.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I'm excited for you too. I know you will be sharing wonderful photos. I would love to go to France or just travel Europe one day. Have fun :)

  2. Oh you've been very busy..thanks for sharing your blog with us at SIStv.