måndag 4 februari 2008

ok so lets get crafty

As promised I will do a much more creative post this time! I have been sneezing all day today too, but now I think I am feeling a little better. It might have something to do with watching "Chuck and Larry" Have you seen it? I think it was hilarious and I love to see Adam Sandler in a little bit of a different type of role. I would have thought he played Kevins caracter.

This afternoon I went into my craft room and looked around. I just want a change because maybe it is like bad feng shui or something in here. I am still thinking, but while I was thinking (Geesh I do think alot don´t i?!) I found a few photos that I wanted to play with. First i made that minibook I was talking about earlier. I used the photos that I took while we visited me nephew and neices last weekend. Me, my daughter and my nephew to a lovely walk in the sun; petting horses, posing for photos and walking in puddles :) I kept the minibook simple, as I usually do when it comes to minis. I couldn´t find my sand-paper, which I usually use to sand the paper edges, so i took my sissors. It worked.

As Valentines day is coming up, I really want to do something. I like that day, but not how it has become just another day to spend way to much money on silly stuff. So, I always make something myself! Last year I made cookies :) This year my daughter isn´t going to be home (she is staying with her grandma then) so i made a little mini love book that I am going to sneek into her bag :) It is a super easy one a little inspired by Ali´s. I folded paper in the size I wanted and used my typewriter to write on every left side: i love... and the added the things I love about her in my own handwriting on the right sides.

I made my husband one too :)

I made a layout of our little family of three :)

And I did not make it to the next round in the Fashonista search...and it is ok! Here is my entry though.

Ok, so here is my my list of inspo:

1. Jess has a really beautiful set with things she has made.

2. Donna has a great project too.

3. Mindi had the coolest video on her blog today!

4. Simple Scrapbooks had a good "blue print" for layouts.

5. Donna made this too. I think it looks very cool.

6. I love Elizabeths daily photos :) So happy!

Ok, that is it for today!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, lisa...i can't say enough about your mini books...i love them both!

    great project submission for the fashionista...i really LOVED yours when i saw it in the yahoo group.

    your layouts always make me smile!

    have a great day!

  2. Cute mini's, I especially like the typewriter usage :-)

  3. Wow! So much eye candy!! You are t the top of my inspo list :)

  4. Sorry you didn't make it through. You are constantly inspiring me. Where can I find that cute little black bird you keep using?

  5. You are a fashionista to me anyway...