torsdag 7 februari 2008

daily wellness, weekly cards and a heart

A little button heart I made for a special Beezie girl :)

Ok this will be another of those random posts :) I love randomness!

First I did a few new weekly cards. I decided to just take a photo of them like this. I think that you get the picture, but the "I belive in..." is about how I belive in kindness.

I have been thinking a bit about the guerilla art project and I was very inspired byHula Seventy as she made small notes and placed them around her town. So I did too! I used my typewriter, which i apparently am in love with ;) and just wrote small notes like; you are beautiful, smile and so on. I left one on the ferry and that is it so far. But I have the notes in my purse, so they are always with me if I see a perfect spot. I think I will go to the library one day and tuck one in a book. I love this!

I went to the natural health store the other day for some iron complements and I got this small plastic bag. The message made me think; what do I do for my daily wellness? Hm...I guess things like taking a glass of diet coke is one...I think I have to think about that one...what do you do?

I spend some good cuddleing time with my fave puppy girl today. Isn´t she just to cute :)

And I am loving this photo I snapped of my fave human girl.

Gotta go :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. oooooh!
    did you take the pic of all the letter press "e"s?

    that's my initial and if you didn't i'd love to know where ya got it.

    love all the cards :)

  2. Älskar iden med dina lappar. Tänk vilken lycka att hitta en sådan i en lånad bok... eller ngt annat kul ställe. Tyvärr så bor vi väl inte i samma stad ;) Maria