tisdag 12 februari 2008

State your design style 2008

Suzanne had the most beautiful post on her blog where she talked about her design style for 2008. Style as for interior design and such that is. I loved it so much so i thought I make one myself.

I would love to have a quite and calm bedroom. You know, a place where I can rest and only rest with no clothes laying in piles and other stuff to distract the resting part.

Something like this!

or this...

I find this bedroom very soothing.

I love white and turquoise and red. I like open spaces with no clutter. I like it simple. I stumbled over Christines new craft room and I loved the wall color!

As a livingroom I would love it not to be all centered around the TV. I would like a couch and a few arm chairs to be there for us to sit in when we chat, read and laugh.

I wouldn´t mind anything like this.

I cannot stop looking at this livingroom!

I know that it is not decluttered, white and simple, but I love it so so very much. That couch is to die for and it is so lived-in.

and I would die for a fireplace!

Maybe something like this.

In my kitchen I have always wanted a window above the sink. So that I can do the dishes and look out the window at the same time.

I realize that we will not ever have that huge big house, but we do have a house and we like it. It is full of furniture we inherited from our family with lots of history. It is kind of dark in our house and we don´t have any big open spaces, but it is cozy. I try to keep it de-cluttered, but it is hard sometimes when things pile up. We are constantly re-building our home and not everything is finished, but we are getting there. I like to think I fill my house with things I love and that makes me feel good.

Oh, my gosh this post is just jumping from here to there. Suzanne made it so much better!

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  1. Just stumbled to your blog...love it...you are so sweet. love all your inspiring rooms...and love that you are so real...
    can't wait to check back...

    you are truly an everyday artist!

  2. Lisa!!! Thanks for the link to my living room! :)

  3. Enjoyed your post today. I've been thinking of changing some things in my house lately. I enjoyed all the links you led me to. Great stuff :)

  4. WOW! Those rooms are just amazing!

  5. cute cute stuff :)
    i loved Laura's sink too, it's so nice and clean.

  6. OMG! how gorgeous!!!
    TFS ;)