måndag 11 februari 2008

monday monday...

we had an interesting weekend in our house. My MIL and FIL were on a visit to celebrate my husbands birthday and mine a little bit early. Lots of new flowers and especially one of my favorites; gerber daises!

Then the rest of the weekend went to walking the dogs and building our washing room. That failed, not miserably, but yet failed...as come to thing of it most of our home renovating projects do...ok, so it wasn´t that of a big deal but it would have been nice to have the concrete finished as they are doing the tiles this upcoming weekend. My husband, being a little of a hot tempered guy, went out in the kitchen to wash his hands turning the knob a little to hard and of came the knob that sets the hot water! Isn´t that lovely :) Ok, so as I know it things always come in threes...so as we don´t have a washing room at the moment the acctual washing machine is placed in our guest bathroom (I know!) My husband gives it a go, and I had done both a load of washing and a dryer before, the whole program ends and we end up with about 2cm water on the floor as the toilet decides to crack a little!!! Oh. My. God. As we have owned this 40-year-old-never-done-a-thing-on- house for the last 5 years we are not surprised, nor are we letting this get to our pale scandinavian smiling spirits :) What does a scrapbooker do? Scrap it out ofcourse!

I made a minibook (not about our ventures in house re-building) but about me. I loved Elise Blaha´s minibook and decided to make one inspired by it. The title is: SHE and then the rest of the mini I printed things like "...creates art from memories..." and "...loves dearly..." It was a fun little project.

Besides making a few Valentine cards, I also made a new weekly card and the prompt was: what´s on your mind...well, hearts are on my mind :)

Oh, and if you all don´t know CHA is going on in the big country in the west and since it is an ocean between me and there, i am not attending :) A few of the SISters had a few CHA challenges. I made Lucys that was to use a tag or label of some sort on a layout. You could not use scrapbooking labels, you had to use something else. I always save the labels or tags that come with new clothes. On this one I used a tag from my daughters new jeans :) Don´t you love to wear red?! I do!

Hey, leave some love!

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  1. I love Red! It is my favorite color and it makes me feel beautiful. I do hope you renovations go better in the future!

  2. Gorgeous little mini :) I should make one like it! Also, didn't comment last time, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your take on Ali's challenge :)

  3. Hey Lisa, just thought I'd leave some love and tell you I admire your style and love all your little books and layouts. Great getting to know others in different countries and am glad to have stumbled across your blog!