fredag 8 februari 2008


Ali posted her weekend creativity prompt today and I must say that I jumped on the idea and finished mine in like 10 minutes. And oh my, 10 minutes is all it takes to make art, really. I am very happy that I have a few different punches, because this project is really one that you can make as gifts.

Since i made some weekly cards already, I have already reached the prompt: Get someone else to contribute... So, I asked my daughter. Ok, she said and got working. I love this picture I snapped of her working.

And this is what she did. She even inked the edges bless her heart!

Today I was looking through flickr and Mindi had posted a cute photo of a Valentine craft project. She linked to the place of her inspiration. I had a wonderful time browsing that site this afternoon. Here are some favorites of mine:

Art house

High Profile

Fancier Valentine's Day Flowers

This weekend we are celebrating my husbands birthday, by re-modeling the laundry room :) We blew out the laundry room a few years (!) ago and right now we have the washer in our guess bathroom. It works, laundry is being done as I write, but it is going to be very nice with a laundry room!

Have a great friday!

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  1. OOOO I love this! Checked Ali to; I love your links; keep them coming please!