torsdag 1 augusti 2013

WCS | August gallery

Happy August! I can´t believe that July is gone already! What can be better than to celebrate a new month than with a brand new gallery! WCS has a new one today! 

The theme was our go-to design. 
This theme was interesting for me. I love themes that make me think! My go-to design when making scrapbook pages is a white background, more often than not I will use a 4x6 photo or at least a bigger sized photo, I often use the rule of thirds and try to make a diagonal line as in my page here. It makes a page pleasing on the eye. Lately I have been using a bit of layering but use much less materials really. On most pages I use my own handwriting or as in this case I print my journaling since I am a hybrid scrapbooker. So, white background, one photo, composition, layering and hybrid journaling.

And the story behind the layout? My daughter has her first real summer job this summer! Also, this is her birthday month, she turn 14 (!) on the 31st!

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