torsdag 15 augusti 2013

From Pin to reality | Dino iPhone tripod

Hi there! If you are new here, let me quickly explain what these posts are. I love Pinterest! I have 77 boards  with 6939 pins to them ;) and by the time you read this, that number has probably gone up! Now, I am also a crafter, so I decided to make stuff I have seen on Pinterest. Enter the From pin to reality post series! These are where I show you the pin and the finished product that I have made. It´s fun and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn´t ;) 

Today I am showing a supersimple DIY inspired by this pin:

Make a Dinosaur Phone Tripod

I had wanted some kind of tripod or stand for my iPhone for a while, but didn´t want (read: I couldn´t afford!) to buy one. So, naturally I searched Pinterest for suggestions. Basically this is a tripod made out of a plastic dino and suction cup.

I bought this little guy at the dollar bin and basically said a prayer and be-headed him...I cut it´s head and front legs of with a sharp knife. If you look closely you can see a line where they had glued him together, so I used that as my guide. 

I had a suction cup here at home so I attached it to the front of the dino with my hot glue gun. Boy, is that one of the best Christmas gifts ever! I let it dry and tada! 

It works wonderfully! I have used it while listening to podcasts and even while facetiming! This was so simple and costed me about a dollar to make! One of the best things I have made!

Thank you for visiting!

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  1. oh my word, how cool is that! brilliant! will have to try that w/ my android!