tisdag 6 augusti 2013

BPC | The layouts

For the BPC class I just finished The Phone Photography Project there was a challenge to do something more with your photos you take on your phone. I made 2 examples. 

First this one of my then very new nephew Viggo. I often use my sisters photos that she either upload to her social media or text me for my PL album. I love how modern technology helps us feel closer even though we live apart!

I also asked a few of my online friends from all around the world to help me with the next layout. I asked them to post a photo on one specific day during april of this year and write shortly about what they were up to. That way we could all follow the hashtag and see what everyone posted! Then I just made a collage with their photos, added their country and printed it out. Instagram totally makes me feel like we all live in the same town ;) I am pondering doing a year-long project with this next year!

I feel that my iPhone 4s takes well good enough photos for me to scrap with!

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