torsdag 8 augusti 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 30+31

For some reason I skipped my weekly Project Life post last week, so I am combinding week 30 and 31 in this one. 

Week 30 had some awesome weather! We soaked up summer in many ways. My new loves nephew came to visit and they went to the beach and to the pool. We were outside all the time, in the garden working or just reading. The sprinkler worked wonders! 

We also drove my daughter to her bilogical fathers house where she´d be spending a few days getting to know that spanking new babybrother of hers ;) He live in a town nearby that also get a lot of tourists in the summertime so we spend some time walking around in the town and that is where I picked up that cute postcard with the houses. I tucked a few photos and some words underneath that postcard. 

I spend a whole workday at a secluded small beach...yes, it is true! We had so much fun taking the kids there and spending a whole day there eating snacks and lunch. After that I spend some time picking berries in a co-workers garden, so we could make some jam later that week. 
Sunday was my challenge day in the Big Picture Classes class The Phone Photography Project and I took a screenshot of my bio. 

Week 31

We met up with my sister and her little family for a doubledate at IKEA this week and I loved snuggling my nephew! I also like to include quotes that speaks to me during any period of time. 
We have stray cat coming back to our house for a month now. He is scared and very hungry!

We had a run to the city since my daughter suddenly woke up with a giant lip one morning (!) she was probably having a allergic reaction of some sort and the anti-histamines worked great. That is the story of that first left card. I didn´t want to add a photo to the front, so if you open up that pocket there is one underneath. When we were done at the doctors office, we went on a quick thriftshopping spree. It´s funny, sometimes there is not much to see and then there are days like this one, when we find some really great deals!
We had a beautiful friday including Friday Flowers, a nap and great food!
The numbers over there is the temp we had on satuday. It was crazy hot!

Ok, that´s a quick 2 week share!

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