tisdag 2 juli 2013

WCS | Rainy days

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Ok, let me set the scene here...It is late-June in Sweden, we have had a few really nice warm days. Great, right? Yes...until you pull up your weather app and this is what you see...

Yep, rain, rain and oh yes there will be more rain :(
Well, I thought, why not think as an everyday life kinda scrapbooker and make a layout about the things we like to do on rainy days. Said and done! I got up the next day (to a flooded driveway!), ran some errands and then snapped a photo right outside my window. 


For a fun title, I decided to trace inside of an old sheet of chipboard alphas to get a template for the title. Then I poked holes and handstitched it. 


I took the stitchingwork with me to the couch and watched The Notebook. :) It didn't take all that long, but you can't just watch half of the movie now, can you?! 

I then designed my other elements around the stitched title. Here is the journaling:
Summer in Sweden will always have rainy days, so why not enjoy them. Rainy days are perfect for crafting, reading, TV watching, a few movies and a nap with one of the cats. See, rainy days can be all ok!

Do you experience rainy days where you live during summer? What do you like to do on those days? Have you scrapbooked about it? No? Well, do! 

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  1. awww lovely page! inpiring. I really love your photos. I like to see what olhter people from outside usa do, cause we not always have that much craft suplly at hand, right?! :D