tisdag 9 juli 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 27

Week 27

We took a roadtrip the three first days of the week, so I documented that and used most of the first page for that. I wrote one of my FB statuses from the trip on a yellow card. 

I used embroidery thread to mark out our route. 

Under the map there is photos from the trip. 

Second page holds the story of my daughter starting her first summer job. We are very proud, she is doing good.

The other big story was that my new love rode a 5k race! We were all so very proud of him, and that he did it in 30 minutes flat was just icing on the cake!

He got a bunch of FB comments and I printed them out and included the story and more photos from the event. 

Week 27 ended with a lovely sunset. As you are going to see next week, week 28 started with a spectacular sunrise!

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