måndag 8 juli 2013

From pin to reality | Watercolor resist

I found a cute pin that I wanted to try!

Now, I don´t even know if the source uses the same way of doing it as I am, but I thought of doing a watercolor resist thing when I saw it. 

It is really super easy and you can´t even say "but I can´t paint!" because all you have to do is stroke watercolor onto your paper. Use stickers and put them where you want your paper to show.

Take your brush and just stroke your paint out over the whole paper. Let it dry and then carefully peel of the stickers. 

Here is the result. 

The more paint you use the more your pattern will show. I used stickers that I had a lot of and some that I wouldn´t use on anything anyway. I also used letterstickers to make a garagesale sign and a few journalingcards that I am using in my PL album.

After the paint has dried I could easily journal the info. I hope this will make the posters visable and we have lots of buyers for our garagesale ;)

I will have the journalingcards in a separate post very soon!

It was fun to play with my watercolors and I would totally recommend doing it with kids!

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  1. Such a great idea, I can't wait to let the girls try this out, Lisa!