torsdag 6 december 2012

Re-Scrap 2012 | November re-scrapped page

Here are my Re-scrapped pages for November. I started late, but actually finished the pages before December started :)

Older page.

Re-scrapped page. 
During my US trip I took alot pf photos of doors :) 
These are from Alexandria, VA. I have a few of these pages planned out for my other door photos. This is such an easy design for pages like this new one, since I can use it more as a photokeeper, but also add journaling if I want to.

Older page.

The last time most of us saw my grandfather was the day that this photo was taken. We were all together to celebrate my daughters 13th birthday and mom said she would like a photo of herself and us sisters. When I saw it again after she had lost both her mother and father just months apart, it hit me that we are all the family she has now. As you can see there isn´t any journaling on this page either, but I plan to add it later. 

Older page.

This is more of a wordy layout. I journaled about my grandfathers funeral, as I did my grandmothers in february. 
Even though it wasn´t a plesant page to make I am still so happy that I did both of them!

I´ll be back later with the new inspiration pages! 

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