fredag 7 december 2012

Project Life | What I have recorded this year

Now that my first year of doing Project Life is coming to an end I went through my two albums to see just what stories I told during the year. 

- what we have eaten
- the weather
- what we we watched (movies/TV)
- Take 12
- my daugters weekends at her dads
- my grandmothers passing and funeral
- mail
- what we´ve read
- articles we read
- work stuff
- school stuff
- everyday stuff (like going recycling, working on the house etc)

- creative projects
- inspiring words
- at the stables
- birthdays
- sickness
- how we communicate through Skype with family
- seasonal changes
- fishing trips, vacations
- current events

- our garden
- my daughters friendships
- haircuts + dentist app.
- anniversaries
- little notes
- homecomings
- pets
- scrapbook pages
- lists
- relationships
- schools out

This is where my first album ends. Can you believe all that was included in some way just in the first half of the year!! 

- our summer vacation
- funny texts
- harvest from our garden
- visits
- Facebook newbies
- mornings + evenings
- photo jobs
- my daughters vacation with her dad
- concerts
- the Olympics
- hard times

- a new school
- baking
- a move
- big changes
- my grandfathers passing and funeral
- iPhone love
- Instagram love
- FB-updates
- saying goodbye to co-workers
- saying hello to new ones
- new routines
- currents
- new babies
- crafts
- magic
- opera visits

And to think that we still have a few more weeks to go! 
Think of this list as an inspiration if you want, a few tips on what you can include in your own Project Life album. I will have a new post up later in December telling you about how I am going to work on my PL in 2013.

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  1. wonderful post! thank you for sharing!

  2. What did you do for Facebook updates? Did you take a screenshot or just journal them?