onsdag 19 december 2012

From pin to reality | USA embroidery

In November I started a embroidery project that I can share about now. It was to become a Christmas gift for a friend.

United States embroidery

This pin sparked my itch to make something with a map.

So, I printed the US map on a A4 paper, which later made the whole project a bit complicated, but it turned out fine! I found this site where they have a broad selection of maps to print. 
I then used the old trick of parchment paper and pencil to first trace the map over onto the parchment paper. Then I turned it over, traced it again on the backside.

Then finally I began to trace the patterned over to my fabric. I just turned the parchment paper over to the right side and the pencil leaves a great pattern without being to harch.

I am sorry that this picture is a bit blurry. Here it is when I was finished with the embroidery part. I then cut all the loose ends of and ironed it. I knew I really did want to hae it in a hoop, but alas it was to big. So I backed it with some fabric. 

I thrifted this hanger and used it to hang the fabric from. 
I am super happy about how it turned out and besides the mounting
it is really an easy embroidery project.

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  1. I LOVE IT. And I am totally going to do a similar project, as I have had that one U.S. embroidery image pinned for years... 2013 is the year I do something about it!! : )

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