tisdag 11 december 2012

December ideas | 3 diy mini ornaments

We have one tree at Christmas. One big family tree that me and my daughter decorate every year. This year it came to me that I really just wanted to use our old traditional ornaments on that tree like we have always have. But it would be fun to have a mini tree in my craft room with ornaments I have done or at least spruced up a bit. So today I am going to some thrift stores to see if I can find a small tree. But I have already begun the ornaments making :) 

If you have read my blog before and know me, you know that I love Converse shoes! This summer me and my daughter found one of those gumball machines you know, but with teeny tiny Converse shoes instead! They are so very cute and well, cheap so that the paint wear off like in seconds :) I guess that happens when you wear them with your keys all over the place!

Fear not, because glitter glue will fix that right up! I simply added the glitter and let dry. I added some more where I thought it needed some more bling and tada: glitter + shoes = love!

My daughter got this mini toy camera a few years ago and since we both love photography, I thought she wuldn´t mind me using it as an ornament! 

I added doublesided craft tape, and added some glitter and a big rhinestone. 

Again, instant happiness!

This is a ornament globe that I bought last year. I thought I would use it as a photo prop, but it just ended up on a shelf.

So, I dusted of my rub-on letters and spread some joy to the whole world! 

Can you say simple! 


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