måndag 3 september 2012

WCS | September gallery

It is September already and that means a new gallery at WCS
Then - Now | Lisa Ottosson
the theme is Looking back and that is exactly what i have done on my page. here is what i shared:
A Note from Lisa
Late August always makes me look back on the year and several years as my daughters birthday is August 31st. This year she turns 13…

I wanted to quickly add that the now and then circles are from a digital kit that is called For the love of: conversation. It was bought at Sweet Shoppe.com.
Also, when I went to look for older photos of Myrra (the dog) and Stina (my daughter) I couldn´t find any although I know we have several. I really wanted to include some of them on this page, so I dug out our old home videos and took screen shots! The photos are terrible of course, but the memories are surely not! The older photos are held in the glassine bag.

go check out the other pages, we have a great gallery for you!

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