måndag 24 september 2012

Project Life | week 38

sorry about the wonky clors of the photos this week!

this was the week i got my iPhone and went instagram mad! so most of the photos are instagrams. i am really surprised at how good the quality is when printing!
i included stories about a work party where we each brought something to eat, just random things about the week and...

my daughters spanish homework :)

i printed out the selfie instagram photo on a 6x4 card and added some smaller ones underneath.

i pickled some of our many zuccinis (we´ll see how that turns out!)
me and my daughter spend most of saturday on the couch both beat from the week. martha is extra cuddly right now and it is super sweet. 
a few words that made me think and apples i picked at a friend that will be mashed and canned tomorrow!

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