onsdag 12 september 2012

Project Life | week 37

a little late in the week, here is my week 36.

just an ordinary week really. 

i have used one of my favorite ways to include journaling on the photo here. i have a tutorial in this post!

the stories: i needed to get out after work and just let the wind blow out my busy mind. 
my daughter texted and asked me if we could have a girlsnight with mani/pedis and facemasks :) as you can see we did!
i started a new photo project for the month. 
our island is just so beautiful right now.

the stories: our new normal, skype talks with my husband.
i babysat my friends awesome kids on thursday.
my daughters biological father is getting re-married this saturday and they met up to try her dress on. 
and on sunday my daughter just wanted to chop her hair off :)

ok, now i will get back to take the rest of my Take twelve photos!

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