torsdag 27 september 2012

52 photos in 2012 | roundup post

i am chugging away at my 52 photos, but i have to admit i am feeling abit uninspired lately. so, to jog my memory of what i love about this project, i thought i´d go back to last years photos for a bit today.

week 37 last year we had music as our theme. i have always loved walking in the forest and when i see what i saw the day i took that photo, i hear music in my heart.
this year elevate was our theme and since i have read Tracy Clarkes book Elevate the everyday, i have been thinking about seeing the evryday a little differently.

the 38th week last year the theme was red. i still love that photo!
this year, lone was our theme and i guess it might not be clear, but i am longing (missing) my husband so much these days.

week 39 2011 the theme was trail. and as i walk my dogs every day, i have certain favorite trails.
i actually took the photo for this years theme, dot, while on vacation in june. but i thought it was the one to go with for this. the dot, i guess, represent that i am right were i am supposed to be right now.

how are you doing? are you still feeling inspired? or do you also need a boost?!



2 kommentarer:

  1. Feeling overwhelmed with all my other projects so I can't really enjoy thinking about my prompts to photograph them. What a lovely roundup, Lisa, these are amazing. As always.

  2. I am so overwhelmed too! Gahhh! I hate that because I love this project.
    Was doing pretty good at keeping up until school started and I have struggled ever since then.
    Hopefully things will start to become more routine for me once again so I can get back on this horse....and ride!
    Thanks for the inspiration Lisa - you are a great motivator.