måndag 17 september 2012

Project Life | week 37

week 37 

the spread has an extra insert with 4 extra photos.

here is the spread when the extra pockets are turned.

the stories: we get fresh eggs from a local farmer every week and it makes me so happy that we eat clean food.
we did some schoolwork this week and it made me feel confident in doing this (almost) by myself.
my grandfather unexpectedly passed away and i wanted to include that in here, just as my grandmothers passing earlier this year. i have journaled in a pocket behind the photo.
i didn´t really know what to have right next to the photo of my grandfather, so i added some leaves that i have picked this week.

the second page. the stories:
me and my husband spend some time together again after being apart for 2 weeks and 2 weekends. fantastic!
my cute nephew turned 7!
we popped into the craftstore. and dixon rode the bus and tram for the first time.
and then i wrote about the weekend.

here is the first pocket.
the stories: my daughter was the most beautiful bridesmaid when her biological father re-married. 
our iPhones arrived!

the other side of the extra pocket.
stories: i am happy to have spend some time at my grandmothers grave this weekend. it gave me great comfort.
i also added in my Take Twelve photos.

and that is a wrap. 

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