torsdag 12 april 2012


i am just checking in to do a random post. i know i was going to share some things this week, but i came down with a fever, yet again :/

but i am taking my 12 photos for Take Twelve april today! i am actually doing the september bonus idea (that you can find in the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit) to take one photo every hour. so i started at 8 am and as of now i have 3 photos to go. 
i have used both my big camera and my cell phone today. 

i am also preparing for a weekend get away with my husband! yay! we are both looking forward to this sooo much. we are celebrating 10 years of marriage on april 27th, so this is our celebration! we are going to a secluded bed and breakfast just to relax and eat good food.

i spend time at flickr today and these are my recent favorites. they make me so happy!

ok, i am going to go lay down now. i will be back soon!

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