måndag 16 april 2012

Project Life | week 15

I did  super quick layout for week 15. it was just such an ordinary week for us (which is ok and good with me and i am all for documenting the everyday!), but this week the weekend was really the big thing. 

the first page looks much like my regular layout for a week. 
we got a photo of melvin as a puppy which is so cute. my husband and i got ourselves new computers and it was so funny to see us all sitting at the diningroom table working away!

i included my 12 photos for the Take Twelve challenge on one 6x4 card! i used a pre setting on my printer and this came out! i am super happy to be able to share TWELVE photos without having to make an insert in this album!

now, for the weekend. you can read more about that in my magic monday post. i printed 9 photos pn just a A4 paper and slipped it into a page protector. i then made a pocket for the one 6x4 photo you see laying ontop of the others. 

i wrote about out getaway on a journalingcard that you can see when you life the pocket. and that is it.

i´ll see if i will somehow work that big A4 page protector into my week 16 spread or do something else, since it is not the format i usually use for my spreads. 

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