onsdag 25 april 2012

52 photos in 52 weeks : roundup post #4

it is time for the 4th roundup post! 

since last time: 

¤ we have welcomed a few new members to the flickr group  exciting! 
¤ we have started sharing a few themes ahead of time, to give you all some time to play.
¤ we have less photos shared to the pool...
¤ we (read i ) have wondered why...
¤ i have gone through the recap post i did last december about what i have learned from this project and stuff i wanted to change and i think i have done what i wanted to do this year...is there anything i can do to make you post more often? 

i see that since we started sharing themes ahead of time seems to  make you post 2 or more photos at one time, which is totally ok ofcourse. but it might be fun to see everyones interpretation of each theme on thursdays. any thought on that?

here are a few of my favorites from week 13 to 15! 

i love the perspective of this photo! and i love that she caught the reflection of the coins!

and yes, i know that i have included c-rose twice, but come on it´s her party :)

i also love this party photo! especially the cow :)

book by Linda C2007

i want to flip through all of these books, Linda! 
speaking of books, i posted a question on the discussion board at flickr asking what you are reading nowadays. go tell me! 

here are my photos...

my small collection of cups. i choose the cup depending on my mood in the morning.

with these 2 four year old girls everyday is a party. this time it was for our easterdinner.

At our recent b&b visit, we layed in bed reading books at night and i LOVED it!

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  1. As with everything, Lisa, I get frustrated when I get behind, and so I just stop everything. That's the case here. I just checked in with the Flickr group, and when I saw topics through week 23 I panicked! LOL! Glad to hear we're only on picnic -- so I'm only a month behind. I, personally, want each photo to be recent and unique. So I want to set a goal for myself, and say that each Tuesday I'll take an hour or two to go out with my "real" camera (not my IPhone) and see what I can find. Then, post them to my blog and Flickr on Wednesday. Part of my problem is I get too literal. Some of the prompts seem geared towards families with children, and we don't have them, so those weeks frustrate me, too. Which is totally my own issue to work with. One other thing I think would help? Me, at least. Maybe make a discussion post on Flickr to encourage people to leave comments on other photos, or even visit others' blogs and follow them. It's hard to stay motivated without positive feedback! HTH! Thanks to you and Monika for all the work you put into this to make it fun!

    1. I am so glad you commented, Kate! These are all good ideas and i have wanted to have more discussions on the themes. i have started a few threads over at flickr, but haven´t gotten almost any comments.
      i am going to make a post on commenting on others and maybe set up a linklist to the blogs.
      Thank you, Kate!