tisdag 10 april 2012

Project Life | week 14

my week 14 share is a bit later than usual, but i was out of town most of the week so i had to finish up on monday!

and since i was out of town i did most of the cards digitally. 

i used a lot of Ali Edwards digital stamps that she sells at designerdigitals. my daughter had a new friends over and they had such a great time i wanted to capture that. and yes, i am that mom that takes out the camera when she has friends over ;)

wednesday i went to the dentist twice in one day :/  funny though, while i was laying there and they were doing their thing, i was thinking about how i could snap a photo of the dentist chair :)
i did when the dentist left the room for a second :)

my husband totally suprised me and took photos of his workspace AND posed for a self portrait :) i love him!

thursday i took the bus to gothenburg to spend the weekend with my mom, grandfather and sisters family. we painted eggs, nails and all sorts of cool stuff. 

the 3 first cards are from my stay, including the easter dinner and the hilarious photo i took when my nephew was on the computer, as was my niece and my other niece on the ipad :) 
the computerized generation indeed! 

that is my 14th week of project life!

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