måndag 16 april 2012

Magic Monday

this weekend we went away, me and my husband. we went to a sweet bed and breakfast out in the woods a  few hours north of our island. we were gloriously lost for a bit and saw some magic forests and sunrays sweeping over moss. but we arrived lastly to this cute house from the 1700´s that a couple from holland restored over the last 4 years. they could have just broken the house down and build a brand new one, but i am so happy that they didn´t. they restored this beautiful house with all natural materials and they worked so very hard to make it magic. 

this is the house to the right of the living house that held a antique store also run by the couple. 

this was the perfect spot for us to spend our afternoon. we sat and talked for hours and enjoyed the sunshine. we were served a lovely soup lunch right there on the deck. we could choose from about ten different seating areas around the garden. but this was the perfect spot. 

the tomato soup was magic.

we sat and read books. we sat and listened to nothing else but birds chirping. 

the inside of the house was simple and rustic.

the owners also live in the house and they serve ecological homgrown and/or local food.

we had a magical time. just what we needed.

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