söndag 11 september 2011

the simple things #44

i´ll admit that this is a photo from this week last year. i have been feeling down this week and haven´t snapped all that many photos. but when i was in the process of chosing this weeks simple thing photo, i went back to my 2010 folder on my computer. i feel that this photo clearly represent how this week has felt one year later. 
this past week we were chocked by the news of that a loved, local sportsman was killed in a planecrash. his wife (of one month) and 2 young boys were left behind. also the mourning of the other 43 people killed in the same crash reminds us that life is so very fragile. and today as we watch tv and follow the 9/11 memorials it gets even clearer that you have to choose to live your life in gratefulness and love. 


2 kommentarer:

  1. A nice post! It's always nice to think and reflect on how blessed we are!

  2. What a lovely photo and post to capture the way you felt in that moment.