lördag 24 september 2011

52 photos in 52 weeks: week 35-38

i know that i have been slacking in my 52 photos updates, but i wanted to show you that i actually am on top of this :) 
here are the last 4 weeks of photos:

week 35 the theme was green. 

week 36: water

the theme for week 37 was music and i know that it was hard for me to picture that. but that week made me think about music more than i had in a while. music always gets me. it makes me feel stuff. 
that week i found this youtube video and the song made it straight into my heart and soul. 

i went with this photo to go with the theme. it makes me feel like that music does.

week 38 was red. i took this at my brother in laws wedding with my phone. 

the theme for this week (39) is trail! 

52 photos in 52 weeks is a collaborated photoproject between Monika Wright and Lisa Ottosson...and 107 other members in the flickr group! every week for 2011 we will have a photography theme/prompt that we interpret and post. in the end we will have atleast 52 photos from the year 2011. and we have become closer friends in the process!

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