tisdag 6 september 2011

*drumroll please* grand opening!

i have been working very hard on re-opening my etsy shop for a couple of weeks now. it is going to be slightly different beause there is almost always going to be a crafty blog post connected to the items in the shop. think from pin to reality TO shop! yes, i´ll make a craft and you can either buy a kit to make that craft yourself or the actual craft. sound fun, no?! 

what do you think, should we say that today is the grand(re)opening day! 

how can you resist these leaves?! well, i couldn´t :)
i bought some felt in fallish colors and cut out some leaves. 

and infront of some greys anatomy re-runs i handstitched them and added a string so they where gathered into a fall banner! 

it turned out super cute! so cute that i have already listed another one just like this in the shop
now, go ahead and add this cutie to your fall decor! 

2 kommentarer:

  1. LIsa! I had a dream about felt leaves the other night and here they are- they are wonderful. And P.S. Craft on deck this week is coffee cozies (I just saw you posted a couple on interest). Seriously, great minds think alike!). Best of luck with your shop!

  2. I love your Pin to Reality series and am so happy to see your shop open!