lördag 10 september 2011

acorn necklace tutorial + shop update!

in 2009 i made a necklace inspired by real life acorns. i have seen that quite a few people have visited that post lately, so i thought i´d post the tutorial again. 

during a walk in the forest with my dogs i was thinking really hard to get some new craft ideas. as you know, i love acorns and found some acorn hats laying on the ground in the forest, took them home and there i made some natural/wooden acorns that i am going to use as necklaces.

what you will need:

acorn hats
a nail or some other sharp pointer
light green wooden bead
small hooks or wire

1. poke a whole in the middle of the acorn hat so that you make a hole to put the hook. if you don´t have a premade hook (i used small ones that you usually use on frames) you can make small hooks with wire.

2. put your hook through the hole and fill it with glue. if you have glue that become see-through when it dries you don´t have to worry if there is some acess. 

3. take your wooden bead (i used a light green one i had to make a really green acorn) and put it in the glued hole. try to get the tip of the hook to go in one of the beads holes to make the whole thing more sturdy. 
4. let dry and decide on how you want to use your acorn :)

there is a acorn pendant in the shop right now! go get it! 

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