torsdag 8 september 2011

from pin to shop thankful banner

why, yes, it is time for another pin to reality post and this one is going to be one that hits the shop also! 

even though we don´t celebrate Thanksgiving here in sweden, i loved the experience i had last year when i visited the US during Thanksgiving. so, i decided i wanted to do a thankfulbanner and it was inspired by the above pin. 

i decided to make 2 different ones, since they are so easy and fun to do! one using burlap and one using thick cotton fabric. 

i then used black craft paint and my older foam stamps to stamp the word thankful on the scraps of fabric. 

here they are drying!

the cotton version. 

and here is the burlap option all decorated and hung! 
i left the burlap raw at the edges beacuse i like it that way. 

the banners are both listed as finished items in the shop!
happy fall! 

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