fredag 6 maj 2011

spring training day 11 over at WCS

have you been checking out the Write Click Scrapbook blog this past two weeks? we teamed up with that ever fabulous Ella publishing for spring training making us all warm in our clothes ready for National Scrapbook day :)
day 11 of the training was to use photostrips in some way on your layout. i didn´t have the time to actually do a new layout but i do have some older ones i´d like to share again. 

for these photostrips i used a template from kitchy digitals.

photobooth-ish with the same smaller photo 4 times created in WORD.

the same as the above :)

more of a photobooth on a mac maybe?!


did the photobooth strip at

be sure to check out all the cool challenges that have been shared at the Write Click Scrapbook blog and also on Ellas blog.

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  1. Wow, love all of these Lisa! You are rocking the photobooths!