måndag 2 maj 2011

write click scrapbook ~ may gallery!

welcome may and welcome new gallery at write click scrapbook.
this month theme is a day in the life. i did a little twist on the theme and didn´t go current. 

i knew that i had these sheets of note paper that i had used to write down what we did during half a day when my daughter was about 1.5 years old. i wrote down almost by the minute what was going on and my intentions were to have the whole day recorded but i guess life happened :) i happened upon that old photobooth photo when i went through some stuff and was happy to be able to include it here. 
and i am happy that i have half a day in my life as a 21 year old mommy to one recorded :)

i want to include an older page i did just a year ago actually. 

i love this little piece of life right here.

now go off to the gallery and see what the others created.
happy may !

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