tisdag 6 december 2011

from pin to reality - felted snowman

Pinned Image

yay! it´s time to show you another pin that has become reality! i pinned these cute guys a while ago and wanted to make something like them for christmas. 


i handfelted the balls with warm water and dishwasher liquid. (side note: my black dog dixon got into my felt yarn before i got home from work one day and that is why there are traces of him mixed into the white yarn!)

i used embroidery thread and just single stitched the eyes and mouth. i was a bit worried about how to make the nose...i ended up sewing multiple stitches ontop of eachother with orange thread. it was so hard to photograph this step, but i hope that you get the picture. 

i used some glittery silver thread to make the little crown and hat. 

i attached the balls together with just a few stitches and then on the wooden holders with glue. the finishing touch was the tiny amount of blush :)
i think that they turned out pretty cute :)

i´ll be back tomorrow with another pin to reality!!!

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