torsdag 22 december 2011

right now

♥ right now we are franticly packing our car to go holidaying in gothenburg with family.

♥ right now we said merry christmas to our daughter who is not going to be with us for Christmas this year (she is with her biological father)

♥ right now i am wrapping last minute gifts

♥ right now we have fixed so that the cat-sitter has everything :)

♥ right now we are really looking forward to see family.

♥ right now i am busy with new years projects.

♥ right now i am planning some favorite posts for the days between Chrismas and New years here on the blog.

♥ right now i am wrapping some of the 2011 projects up and will give you an update soon.

♥ right now this is on repeat 

Christmas with the Rat Pack

♥ right now i am also planning to do some twixtmas fun next week! 

♥ right now i am loving my christmas board on pinterest! 

♥ right now i have to dash! i will be back tomorrow! 

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