torsdag 8 december 2011

december mini - this week

here is my first update on my december minibook. you can see the foundation pages here and here

this is somewhat of an introduction page. i totally made a typo and tried to fix it in PSE :)

i added a few hearts and red details on this page.

here i added the Sunday photo + words from last sunday at Write Click Scrapbook. 
i also shared my wishlist:

* film for my Instax camera
* A5 page protectors
* more storage bins for my craftroom
* chalkboard paint
* mini doilies
and time...could i please have some more time!

the list here is: it´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas when...

* my craftroom looks even messier than usual
* the star light shines in the window
* the blogs are filled with december dailies
* presents all wrapped up are piling up

12 tastes that remind me of Christmas:

* apples
* oranges
* satsumas
* hot chocolate
* nuts
* cherry sauce
* fudge
* ice chocolate
* prickig korv 

(i am still working on this list!) 12 scents that remind me of Christmas:

* cinnamon
* oranges
* candles
* wrapping paper
* sparkles
* fake trees
* real trees 

my new necklace from the rusted chain. i ♥ it!

i have a short list of holiday movies on my must see list, and we did have the first Christmas movie night the other day watching Elf!

there you have a first update on my december mini. 

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  1. I have a few scents for you: cloves, glögg and hyacinth :)