måndag 14 juni 2010


todays post will be very random (as most are!)

* i spend the weekend in gothenburg celebrating my grandomother and grandfathers birthdays. we ate at my sisters house surrounded by lots of kids and laughs. i gave my mother a late mothers day gift; a photobook with photos from our trip to budapest in april. she loved it!

* i have been making these (see photo above) necklaces for me, my husband and daughter. i love that they are wearing them! my husband has my name and my daughters name and my daughter has all our pets names on hers :) my friend J gave me the metallic stamps for christmas 2 years ago and i have seen so many cool washer necklaces around the blogs lately. i love making them!

* this weekend i am hoping to get to play with some concrete. i bought some this past weekend and am totally inspired my benitas latest blog posts! go check them out!

* todays inspirational word over at creativity boot camp is drizzle and even though it did rain and drizzle today i have not felt inspired to take any photos. and that is ok for me.

* i did a movearound on my walls last night. i am not finished yet, but when i am i´ll show you :)

ok, that is all for now. tomorrow i´ll have some scrapbooking layouts to share!

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