torsdag 24 juni 2010


i must say that my heart skipped a beat when i saw my rhubarb concretes :) i love love love them! before i have been to nosy and haven´t waited long enough to remove the actual leaf, alas it is hard to pick it away and sticks to the concrete. but this time i waited extra long, so the leaf just came right off!

i present one crocked lightholder ;) i still love the texture.

i collect not one rocks, but also sandglass! i used a few in my collection to get this plate. i use it as a decoration in one of my flowerbeds.

to get this one, i used a round shaped form and laid the leaf in the bottom before adding the concrete. again, i love the texture of the leaf!

these photo/noteholders are cute i think. i will sand them and add soft dots in the bottom so they won´t scratch the surface they are placed on.

lesson learned: oil EVERYTHING before adding the wet concret. i have 2 other projects that went in the garbage bin since i couldn´t even get the concrete out of the forms!

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