tisdag 15 juni 2010


i managed to get some scrapbooking done on sunday night. itis funny how i  long to sit down and create, but then almost have to force myself to acctually do it!

hehe! yes, these two had some good old hillbillie fun with the lawnmower from my husbands work! i instantly thought of the title when i saw and heard their laughter as they raced with the mower! i initially wanted to use buttons to make a banner, but i cannot remember where i have put all my buttons!!! so i used some butterflies instead :)

i seem to love these studio calico stamps all together, because this is the second time i have used them as a group! i took this photo during our first outside meal of this summer season!
i am not super happy with using that patterned paper as my background...

and i wanted to give you a peak of my newly done wall that i talked about in my last post. i hope to show you the whole shabang this week sometime!

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