onsdag 9 juni 2010

here comes the sun and 11 years ago

ok, so shall we get started on that promised scrappy post?!

i made this layout after a warm day now in june. and it just marks the fact that we all love when summer and the sun gets here every year. the photo is of one of my daughters older drawings. i love these colors!

you know the other day i had a post about how to scrap your right now? well, this layout is the opposite from that. i have been looking hrough my daughters baby pictures and this one is one of my favorites. she is almost 2 months old, i am just 20. i have had this photo right infront of me for a while and it speaks to me. tells a story about a very young woman that really has no clue of what life is about. a young woman that has really just realized that she has a baby of her own and have just started a new kind of love. sometimes i ache to go back in time and record everything, to savor every single detail and moment. i can´t belive that this photo was taken almost 11 years ago...i am so happy that i got this down on paper!

i look so young!

i used the photo of our feet during a recent weekend getaway. for the journaling i used a piece of transperency, i almost never use that!

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  1. I love the title work on the first one. And really...you don't look that different!!! :)